Delta Airlines Pilot Collective Bargaining Agreement

“We are negotiating a new pilot work agreement in the most favourable environment in Delta`s history,” Schnitzler said. “Delta is making record profits, has built a diversified business model that can survive negative business cycles, has cash flow to invest in shareholders and joint ventures, and has committed employees willing to make the extra mile to maximize sales and serve our customers.” Delta MEC, a unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, said the agreement – which still requires the approval of Delta`s nearly 13,000 pilots – will reduce the guaranteed monthly minimum hours by 5%. In 2019, pilots have helped fuel the company`s unprecedented profitability. During the summer, the group of pilots recorded overtime records that allowed Delta to execute and use an aggressive flight plan. The continued leadership of the pilots on the runway fuelled Delta`s excellent operational performance. While the company wants to develop its brand and develop loyal customers, pilots are proud to provide a product that generates a premium turnover. Economics journalist Kelly Yamanouchi covers airlines and the airport, including Delta Air Lines, based in Atlanta, one of the world`s largest airlines, and Hartsfield-Jackson, considered the world`s busiest airport for years. She has been covering airlines for more than 15 years, studied at Harvard and has a master`s degree in the Northwest. The structure of the MEC committee is robust, the pilots are engaged and Delta enjoys a sustainable profitability. Delta pilots look forward to a successful negotiation and a strong future. In the airline`s third-quarter phone call earlier this month, Chairman Ed Bastian said the airline had reached agreements with most working groups and was still negotiating with the pilots` union to avoid Furloughs in the task force. Delta reported a loss of $5.4 billion for the quarter ended September 30. The airline says it will postpone the date when the pilots were to be fired until November 28 to allow them to ratify the agreement.

ATLANTA, August 11, 2008 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) today confirmed that Delta and Northwest Airlines pilots have voted in favour of a joint contract whose terms will apply to both pilot groups if this year`s Delta-Northwest merger is completed. The aviation sector has been hit hard by the emergence of coronavirus due to a reduction in the travel epidemic in the midst of the pandemic, with Delta and other airlines focusing on reducing costs, increasing liquidity and restoring customer confidence. The two sides had been working on an agreement before November 1, when the pilots were reportedly expelled. Laugh now says the agreement contains “several improvements in quality of life and allows Delta to generate much-needed savings,” without going into detail. Unlike most other major U.S. airlines, Delta did not fire staff following the October 1 expiration of U.S. government aid to airlines made available under the CARES Act. “While this agreement is still subject to authorisation… We are convinced that this can help Delta to be better positioned thanks to the long and hacked recovery of the Covid 19 pandemic,” he adds. Late last month, pilots of rival United Airlines agreed to measures to tighten the belt, including reduced flying hours, which avoided 2,850 Furloughs, which were due to start on October 1. The language of the treaty has not yet been determined. Once this is the case, it becomes an interim agreement, which will be reviewed by the union leadership and put to a vote by the approximately 14,000 Delta pilots.